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Assessing Performance

The Association identifies compliance concerns through Certification, Company Self-Assessment reporting, Field-Based Reviews and remote monitoring as well as through the ICoCA Complaints function which complainants can use to report compliance concerns or alleged Code violations to the ICoCA Secretariat. The information obtained through these different functions and instruments is assessed and analysed on the basis of Code performance indicators.


Remote Monitoring


The Association searches for, receives and reviews information to identify and assess compliance concerns, assess human rights impacts of Company operations and analyse broader patterns and trends within the private security industry. This includes media monitoring as well as engagement with its Members and other stakeholders worldwide. To that end, Members of the ICoCA Civil Society Organisation Pillar play a particularly important role in supporting the Association with observations, concerns and other relevant information about the private security industry.


Company Self-Assessment


Member Companies provide the Association on an annual basis with a written assessment of their performance towards meeting the requirements of the Code. This Company Self-Assessment reporting (CSA) is based on the performance indicators developed by the Association and aims to encourage frank and honest disclosure of information concerning successes, challenges and concerns about implementation of the Code.


The first Company Self-Assessment reporting will be launched in May 2019 with a focus on Transitional Membership as well as on thematic areas of the Code, notably sexual exploitation and abuse, selection and vetting of personnel, training and grievance mechanisms.


Field-Based Reviews


Field-Based Reviews (FBRs) are in-country missions to review Member Company operations and engage with ICoCA Members and other relevant stakeholders. FBRs may be initiated where the review of available information or a human rights risk assessment has identified a need for further monitoring, or on request from a Member of the Association. They aim to gather information on Member Companies’ operations and their human rights impact as well as to assess compliance concerns and analyse broader patterns and trends within the private security industry.


Company specific information gathered during Field-Based Reviews are treated in a confidential way by the ICoCA Secretariat.


To provide a clear framework for the implementation of Field-Based Reviews, the Association has developed Standard Planning and Operating Procedures (SOPs) guiding the composition of the Review Team, pre-Review assessments, in-country engagement with Member Companies and their personnel, and post-Review reporting. The Standard Planning and Operating Procedures (SOPs) are available here.