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Academics and Consultancies
Centre for Business and Human Rights, NYU Stern School of Business
Observer since 30/07/2014
Cristhiam Remigio León Orosco
Observer since 03/03/2016
Dr Sorcha McLeod
Observer since 01/12/2014
Dr. Malcolm Patterson

Malcolm Hugh Patterson graduated from the University of New South Wales with degrees in history, international relations and two law degrees. He completed an inter-disciplinary PhD in international relations and international law at the University of Cambridge in 2008. The dissertation was published as Privatising Peace (2009) and Malcolm subsequently co-edited Contractors and War (2012). He has been admitted to the NSW courts and over the last five years taught international law on a sessional basis at Macquarie University in Sydney. Malcolm joined the Observer (academic) division of ICoCA in July of 2019. He is currently researching business opportunities with a view to a commercial role in 2020.

Observer since 24/07/2019
Dr. Zhanggui ZHOU

Dr. ZHOU Zhanggui is Chinese nationality, and the first PhD in the major of Non-Traditional Security Management in China. Now he is the Director of the Institute for Overseas Safety and Security, under the Centre for NTS-PD, Zhejiang University. He also serves as the Chief Researcher of OSS Intelligence Institute. He has for a long time served as the Program Officer at UNIDO-ICSHP, in charge of international collaboration. He passed and gained the UN Field Security Basic and Advanced Certificates issued by UNDSS. Since 2005, as consultant of United Nations Industrial Development Organization, he has implemented and collaborated on a series of field projects in high risk states such as Haiti, Sierra Leone, Liberia and other African Countries. He also serves as adviser to a number of Chinese Security Associations and PSCs and the Distinguished Professor of Tarim University. His current research interests are private security services and other non-traditional security issues.

Observer since 15/08/2017
Human Analytics
Observer since 01/12/2014
Maravi Group

Maravi is an Africa-based, ethically-aware risk management company focusing its offerings on east and southern Africa. We provide cost-effective risk management solutions to a wide range of organisations and individuals, which include diplomatic missions, non-profit organisations, oil and gas and extraction companies, governments, multinationals and high-net-worth individuals.

Maravi adheres strictly to human rights and anti-bribery and corruption frameworks and operates with the utmost integrity, maintaining a transparent and open relationship with our clients and stakeholders.

Maravi was born of out the need for high quality risk management services in east and southern Africa. Maravi distinguishes itself by its focus on quality and building long term client relationships.

Maravi aims to fill the gap in the east and southern African risk management market by offering locally based, expert and cost-effective solutions. Maravi employs highly qualified personnel with a range of risk, security and consulting expertise developed through undertaking complex projects across Africa and the rest of the globe.

Observer since 30/11/2018
Oliver Westerwinter
Observer since 24/08/2015
Pangolin Group

Pangolin Group is an exclusive consultancy company specialising in Risk mitigation and Hostile Environment Training throughout the globe. 

Pangolin Group retains an extensive network of well-informed and reliable consultants and in a variety of sectors and professional disciplines. The company does offer a truly global service and devises cost-effective, imaginative and timely strategic solutions to the duty of care obligations it's clients face.

Pangolin Group provides risk management, training to media, governmental, financial, and corporate clients.The company has gained a reputation for professional excellence, delivery and discretion.

Observer since 24/08/2015
Proelium Law LLP

Proelium Law provides legal advice and support, specialist investigation and consultancy services across the world to companies, organisations, governments and individuals in the security, defence, international development, extractives, cyber, insurance, legal and manufacturing industries whose businesses and activities are UK based or operate in high-risk or complex jurisdictions worldwide. Combining extensive experience gained as legal advisors ranging from working in the UK to multiple jurisdictions and areas of conflict deep in and with commercial organisations, specialist defence, government, security and development industries, makes us uniquely well equipped to understand the issues facing our clients.

Observer since 27/02/2019
Sié Chéou-Kang Center for International Security and Diplomacy, University of Denver
Observer since 30/07/2014
Barrick Gold Corporation
Observer since 01/06/2015
Bechtel Corporation

Bechtel is one of the most respected global engineering, project management, and construction companies, and a cornerstone of innovation in the industry. Together with our customers, we deliver landmark projects—the modern marvels of the world—that foster sustainable progress and grow economies.

Observer since 01/06/2015
BG Group
Observer since 30/07/2014
BP International Ltd
Observer since 30/07/2014
Dynamic Shooting Systems (DSS France)

The Dynamic Shooting system is a proven concept designed and developed over several years of study and practical applications. It is an evolutionary shooting concept which affords the operator muscular, skeletal and bio mechanical advantages, reducing stress and increasing the confidence in the individual’s abilities.

The system has been primarily designed for the use of all calibre pistols from a range of 20 metres and in but is not limited to either range or weapon type. The process negates weapon recoil, allows a faster, clinical sight picture which can be maintained on target whilst moving. It is equally effective in the left and right hand and is male or female attuned.

The physical posture allows the operator to maintain the firing position for longer periods of time whilst negating the element of muscle fatigue or stress. The bio mechanical aspect affords a greater volume of oxygenated blood to flow to the brain thus improving the operators neurological process when under stress. This has been tested and accredited by the medical facility at Toulouse University whom have established an ongoing 'think tank' process to monitor and evaluate the concept training.

This system is simplistic and effective and is aligned to government agencies only.

Observer since 12/04/2016
Freeport McMoRan Gold and Copper Inc.
Observer since 01/06/2015
MSS Global

MSS Global is an internationally recognized certification body that provides assurance of your operations and your supply chain against customer-defined regulatory, contractual and ethical commitments or other specified requirements.   MSS Global is the only certification body accredited to certify to both land and maritime security standards as well as a host of common ISO quality, heath & safety, environmental and other standards.

We validate performance against any combination of: international standards; contractual requirements; regulatory requirements; and ethical commitments such as human rights standards

We deliver a unique suite of approaches to assessing system compliance that extends beyond traditional ‘tick box’ auditing techniques to offer you real insight and value. Working with you to identify the ‘benchmark’ requirements, MSS Global can not only measure compliance but also how effectively that compliance is being implemented through the experiences and business behaviors of your people. In effect we enhance your self-assessment processes to give you true awareness of potential compliance risk.

Our cost effective certification audit and assessment methodologies are readily scalable to cover any number of people, departments and sites, regardless of where they are geographically located.   

Observer since 30/07/2014
Newmont Mining Corporation
Observer since 06/07/2015
Philip Morris International
Observer since 11/10/2017
RS Logistical Solutions Ltd
Observer since 25/09/2015
Sovereign Global (UK) Limited
Observer since 30/07/2014
Keith Xia

Keith Xia is Head of Risk Management at Intercontinental Hotel Group Greater China.

Keith is responsible for risk management and the security networks of IHG greater China region, which includes mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan. Keith is leading the security director/managers of IHG with the 350+ hotels in operation and 200+ hotels in pipeline. Keith is also Board Member of the Asian Risk Managers Association called Pan-Asia Risk & Insurance Management Association (PARIMA), which is the first professional association for risk and insurance managers/practitioners based in Asia. He represents PARIMA in China.

Keith has over 10 years risk management consulting experience within insurance companies (RSA), brokers (Marsh, Willis) with ample international companies risk consulting experiences. Keith is Certified Fire Protection Specialist (NFPA), Fire Protection Project Manager, Level 1 Thermograhper, Certified Safety Engineer, and Invited Professor of Shanghai Business University.

Observer since 11/10/2017
The Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights
Observer since 05/10/2015
Ataa Dabour

Ataa is a professional with expertise in peace and security, armament and disarmament, conflicts resolution, defence, terrorism, intelligence, and new technologies related issues. 


Ataa holds two Master's degree - one in Arabic and Islamic language, cultures and civilisations from the University of Geneva and one in Global Security and Conflicts Resolution from the Global Studies Institute. She holds a Diploma in International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law from the Leiden University. She is the Founder of Swiss Humanitarian Security Training - SHST -, a company based in Geneva, specialised in training, consultancy and research for private military and security companies, national governments, NGOs, IOs, and for individuals. She is also writer and coordinator at the Swiss Military Review, Open Source Intelligence Project Manager at ICON-NGO. Ataa was previously intern and researcher in different NGOs and Research Institute in Geneva and Brussels in the fields of peace, security and defence. 

Observer since 24/07/2019
Industry Trade Associations
International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO)

IFPO Security Training and Educational Programs: the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) is dedicated to providing meaningful, cost effective education for all levels of security personnel. Educational institutions as well as individuals have found the IFPO Programs to be a valuable professional development tool.

IFPO believed that education is an essential part of professional development for those charged with protecting others: the Foundation serves individuals, security service firms, and organizations that have their own security staff. Career orientated officers as well as individuals benefit from the recognition and professional standing that the Foundation certification conveys.

IFPO membership is available for both individuals, employers and educational institutions. We offer a “Members Only” area on this web site with extensive information on key aspects of security training and related topics.

IFPO's security training programs are designed to work on their own or as part of an existing curriculum. Frequently, institutions of higher learning will include our programs in their courses of study.

Observer since 16/05/2019
International Stability Operations Association (ISOA)
Observer since 30/07/2014
Pan-African Security Association
Observer since 30/07/2014
The Security in Complex Environments Group (SCEG)
Observer since 30/07/2014
Non-Governmental Organizations
European Interagency Security Forum (EISF)

The European Interagency Security Forum (EISF) is an independent network of security focal points who represent European-based humanitarian NGOs operating internationally. EISF is committed to improving the safety and security of operations and staff and strengthening humanitarian security risk management to allow greater access to, and impact for, crisis-affected populations.

Established in 2006 as an initiative of security managers from several European NGOs for information-sharing, the NGO-led forum now has over 85 member organisations (Aug 2017)and it acts as the hub for developing and sharing good practice for effective and appropriate security risk management for the NGO sector.

The EISF Secretariat works in collaboration with its Members to produce original research, arrange forums and workshops, and facilitate information sharing between members and the wider NGO and security communities. EISF also acts as a resource for others interested in security risk management from the perspective of the humanitarian sector.

Observer since 18/05/2017
International Commission of Jurists
Observer since 30/07/2014

The Leadership Initiative for Transformation and Empowerment (LITE-Africa) is a Nigerian-based CSO operating in the Niger Delta since 1999.  LITE-Africa envisions a world in which the principles of democracy and human rights guide the actions of governance to heighten peace and development. LITE-Africa develops and implements high impact programmes that fall within the thematic areas of governance and human rights, sustainable livelihoods and health, and humanitarian support services. LITE-Africa also provides consulting services to businesses as part of its private sector engagement in community development strategy.   

LITE-Africa has been working with corporations and security agencies in Nigeria since 2006, creating awareness and guiding policy reforms towards integrating human rights. We are a member of the Voluntary Principles Association and a founding member of the African Coalition for Corporate Accountability. We have actively participated in the United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights as well as in the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime prevention.

Our programmes follow a multi-stakeholder approach, including public and private security agencies, contractors and community and youth leaders.    

Observer since 14/06/2016
Syndicat National des Convoyeurs de Fonds et Agents de Sécurité (SY.NA.CO.FAS)
Observer since 27/02/2019
The Fund for Peace (FFP)
Observer since 01/12/2014
West African Human Rights Defenders Network
Observer since 30/07/2014